We’re BuildMass- a pit stop for people serious about health, wellness and fitness.

We’re a young start-up that work for your needs in fitness and well-being. We deliver everything from genuine protein supplements to vitamins smoothly at possible reasonable prices.

We do what’s right by you. We value authenticity over everything else.

We sell consumables that you need rather than want. In such cases, the authenticity of the product matters. Half the supplement market in India is flooded with fakes pumped with steroids and soy. And that’s why when you shop from us, we make sure it is 100% genuine, without any junk.

Our store’s tagline speaks about us , it’s just our way of telling you that we’ve sourced each product directly without any reselller in between and tested it before sending it out to you. It is to tell you that what you are having is safe.

Check out why authenticity matters .

Supplements delivered to your doorstep, every time!

You no longer have to go to third party vendors or ton of nutrition stores to find the supplement you need. We have many brands on our catalog that are sourced directly and authorized re-seller. All just to make sure what you get is right at a right price.

How it came together?

We worked really hard to get here. We enjoy doing things fast, failing quickly and putting all that we learnt in our next idea. We’re proud to say that we learnt most when we were on the job.

Some of the hard work we put together is right here !


We know the importance of physical appearence. Our aim is to provide 100% genuine products to our customers at a very reasonable price.
How we achieve giving prices so reasonable?
Well, there’s no middle man! It’s just us and the shipment provider.

We know money matters a lot in fitness industry, That’s why we are here to help you achieve your goals in a natural way by providing you with JUST AUTHENTIC products.

We try our best to provide you with every product possible but if in case you don’t get your product listed on website, feel free to call us and we’ll help you in getting your product at a lowest price possible.


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+91 7508630371